Securing Your Journey To The Cloud


DevOps Security - the best-in-class protection for DevOps and cloud-native apps

29th September 2020, @10:00 CEST

The current economic circumstances require companies to react faster to customer behavior and creates an on-demand culture. DevOps methods are used to meet new market requirements. Safe operation of CI/CD processes, containers and web applications is essential.

It is crucial to detect security problems in DevOps environment early enough; vulnerabilities, malware and protection of confidential data such as API keys and passwords; enforce policy and only use policy-compliant containers.

During webinar #3 in the "Securing Your Journey To The Cloud Journey to the Cloud" series we will answer questions such as:

  • How to detect cybersecurity issues early in the DevOps methodology
  • How to effectively detect vulnerabilities, malware and confidential data in a container image before it is launched
  • How to quickly and seamlessly implement security in the application code

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Marek Krauze,
Sales Engineer, Trend Micro

  He has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. He gained professional experience and extensive knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, infrastructure and mobile solutions, among others, in Telewizja Polska and Clico. He has worked for Trend Micro since April 2016. Is responsible for cooperation with clients and partners in implementing Trend Micro solutions.