Securing Your Journey To The Cloud


Cloud One Network Security – How to implement TippingPoint IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) technology in the public cloud

13th October2020, @10:00 CEST

As more and more organizations begin their journey into the public cloud and launch their IT services in a hybrid environment, there is a growing need to standardize security mechanisms at the network level.

Meet Cloud One Network Security! Join us during the webinar#5 in the "Securing Your Journey To The Cloud" and:

  • Discover how reliable IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) technology - Trend Micro TippingPoint - can be deployed in the public cloud and controlled in a single, shared management system
  • Learn how you can protect your organization from new, yet undisclosed threats
  • Check how to implement the vulnerability protection concept through Virtual Patching

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Andrzej Sawicki,
Sales Engineer, Trend Micro

  He has been working with new technologies for over 10 years. He specializes in the area of IT security and computer networks, with a particular passion for wireless and IoT technologies. Previously associated with Hewlett-Packard, where he worked in the service, consulting and sales departments. He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology.