We recently saw a ransomware attack against a web-hosting company in South Korea that affected their Linux-based web servers, causing extensive outages for their customers and an excessive ransom payment for the company. This ransomware, Erebus, is one of a number of threats that have been targeting the Linux operating system lately.

Join Jon Clay, Director of Global Threat Communications, as he discusses these threats and why you should ensure you are protecting these overlooked systems with a layered defense strategy to ensure they are protected.
Jon Clay
Director: Global Threat Communications
Trend Micro

Jon Clay is Director for Trend Micro’s core technology and threat marketing. He is responsible for managing content creation, marketing messages, training, and as a public speaker for all the different core technologies within Trend Micro as well as threat research and intelligence. Jon has been with Trend Micro for 17 years and has held roles as a Sales Engineer, Sales Engineering Manager, Training Manager and Product Marketing Manager for SMB prior to taking over this role within Global Marketing. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University and has been involved in technology for over 26 years. This experience has given him an excellent technical background and understanding of the security requirements of businesses as well as an excellent understanding of the threat landscape.

Steve Neville
Director of Hybrid Cloud Security, Trend Micro

Steve Neville is responsible for Trend Micro’s market-leading Hybrid Cloud Security Solution and leads a team focused on ensuring that strategic direction and message are aligned to where customers are today – as well as tomorrow. Steve’s practical security experience covers a wide range of data center, cloud, and identity-based security technologies.

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