Machine learning is an important technique being leveraged to improve ransomware detection rates. Register to join us for this live webinar. You’ll hear from Eric Skinner, VP of Market Strategy, as he outlines why machine learning is effective relative to other techniques, but also how to mitigate its main weakness, false positives. You’ll also learn how malware authors are reacting to the rise of machine learning and how defenses will evolve next.
Eric Skinner
VP of Market Strategy
Trend Micro

Eric Skinner helps shape Trend Micro’s solution offerings and go-to-market approach. Prior to Trend Micro, Eric held senior management positions at a health care mobile startup and at digital identity solutions provider, Entrust, where he was CTO and VP of Product Management.

Steve Neville
Director of Hybrid Cloud Security, Trend Micro

Steve Neville is responsible for Trend Micro’s market-leading Hybrid Cloud Security Solution and leads a team focused on ensuring that strategic direction and message are aligned to where customers are today – as well as tomorrow. Steve’s practical security experience covers a wide range of data center, cloud, and identity-based security technologies.

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