Manufacturing is dealing with many challenges today: From cyberattacks, to building smarter factories, and managing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that are quickly being added to the network, there’s a lot to manage. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Jon Clay as he covers these challenges and more, to help you better understand how you can securely move into the future whether you have been in business for years, or you’re just starting out. You’ll learn:

  • Motivations behind attacks on manufacturing
  • Who is behind the attacks
  • Issues affecting security within manufacturing
  • Best practices for securing your business

Read Jon's weekly blog, This Week in Security News, to stay up to date on the latest cyber security news and events.

Jon Clay
Director: Global Threat Communications
Trend Micro

Jon Clay is responsible for managing marketing messages and external publication of all the threat research and intelligence within Trend Micro as well as different core technologies.  As an accomplished public speaker with hundreds of speaking sessions around the globe, Jon focuses on the threat landscape and the use of big data in protecting against today’s sophisticated threats.  Jon is also a volunteer speaker for the Trend Micro Internet Safety for Kids and Families program.

Steve Neville
Director of Hybrid Cloud Security, Trend Micro

Steve Neville is responsible for Trend Micro’s market-leading Hybrid Cloud Security Solution and leads a team focused on ensuring that strategic direction and message are aligned to where customers are today – as well as tomorrow. Steve’s practical security experience covers a wide range of data center, cloud, and identity-based security technologies.

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