In today’s mobile and fast paced environment, it is vital to protect your sensitive and confidential data from getting into the wrong hands. Enterprises must be able to identify, track and secure all confidential data from multiple points within the organization, all with minimal impact on employees.

Whether you currently have integrated Data Loss Protection or not, this is an important topic for all Trend Micro™ customers. Join us for a 40-minute webinar where we will discuss:

  • the importance of having a DLP solution that is integrated into your broader cybersecurity network;
  • provide tips on how to deploy integrated DLP; And,
  • how to implement DLP templates to help you better align with GDPR regulations
Charles Williams
Senior Systems Engineer, Trend Micro

Charles Williams is a Cybersecurity Expert with over 20 years of Information Technology experience. He currently works at Trend Micro as a Sr. Sales Engineer covering the South region.

Manasa Agaram
Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Trend Micro

Manasa Agaram is part of the global product marketing team for Trend Micro’s Endpoint Security products.

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