More than ever, organizations are facing stealthy targeted attacks designed to bypass existing endpoint and network security defenses. Cybersecurity professionals may be wondering:

  • Is endpoint detection and response (EDR) something our organization should consider running?
  • What should we consider for managed services? And is it right our organization?
  • What exactly is Threat Hunting and Threat Sweeping, and why should we be doing it?

Join us for a 40-minute webinar where we will answer the above questions and share how:

  • Your Trend Micro endpoint protection platform may already be providing EDR functions. We’ll show the best way to leverage that.
  • How Trend Micro can deliver endpoint telemetry (recording of system events and behaviors) for better threat discovery, and…
  • 24 x 7 threat hunting and alerting to aid in prioritizing and investigating alerts.
Steve Duncan
User Protection Solutions, Trend Micro


Manasa Agaram
Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Trend Micro

Manasa Agaram is part of the global product marketing team for Trend Micro’s Endpoint Security products.

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