At the end of 2017 NSS Labs released the results of their Breach Detection Systems test and some of the results were quite surprising.  Watch the webinar with Mike Spanbauer, from NSS Labs, and Trend Micro’s TJ Alldridge, as they discuss the results, testing methodology and security best practices.

By viewing this webinar, you’ll come away with:

  • Actionable steps for protecting your organization from advanced threats and targeted attacks
  • A better understanding of Breach Detection Systems and what makes them different
  • Security tips around lateral movement as well as simplified detection and response
Mike Spanbauer
Vice President of Research Strategy, NSS Labs

Mike Spanbauer is a recognized leader in security and infrastructure technologies and leads the NSS Labs analyst team in creating research that combines years of testing experience with quantitative analysis of the world’s leading security companies, products, and markets.

TJ Alldridge
Product Marketing Manager, Trend Micro

For over 20 years, TJ Alldridge has worked with cybersecurity customers and partners of all sizes with the simple goal of keeping the bad guys out and keeping users productive.  Currently, TJ focuses on the network security solutions at Trend Micro. 

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