Deep Security customers are invited to learn about the expansion of our container security solutions and automation APIs.

As the speed of business changes, organizations are increasingly shifting to a DevOps model and processes for their datacenter, cloud and container. Deep Security Smart Check supports the DevOps demands to continuously build secure, ship fast and run anywhere. Deep Security Smart Check identifies security issues prior to deployment with container image scanning. The result is that security issues often can be resolved in the development cycle as opposed to after the release of the application.

Talk to your DevOps team about building security into the continuous integration and development (CI/CD) pipeline. During the webinar, our product experts will provide:

  • An overview of Smart Check, which provides continuous pre-runtime container image scanning to complement the existing Deep Security runtime container protection.
  • A demonstration of our extensive new suite of APIs and automation center across the Deep Security family with resources to help enable security automation through better integrations.

Feel free to invite your DevOps colleagues to attend.

Dave Clement
Hybrid Cloud Product Marketing Manager
Trend Micro

Kyle Klassen
Sr Product Manager
Trend Micro

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