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Access Trend Micro's full assessment of ‘Gartner's Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms’ and learn more.

Trend Micro has determined we meet all 8 of 8 core capabilities for hybrid cloud workload protection:

A global leader in cybersecurity solutions, Trend Micro delivers comprehensive server workload protection capabilities, with support for a broad range of OSes and integration into leading infrastructure providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft® Azure™, and VMware®, as well as full lifecycle container security for build pipeline and runtime environments including Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. 

  • Hardening, Configuration, and Vulnerability Management
  • Network Firewalling, Visibility, and Microsegmentation
  • System Integrity Assurance
  • Application Control/Whitelisting
  • Exploit Prevention/Memory protection
  • Server Workload EDR, Behavioral Monitoring, Threat Detection/Response
  • Host-Based IPS with Vulnerability Shielding
  • Anti-Malware Scanning 

Additionally, when assessing cloud workload protection solutions, Gartner suggest additional criteria to consider when evaluating vendors. Trend Micro addresses 21 of 25 evaluation criteria, including:

  • Container Support
  • Community Integration and Threat Intelligence Sharing
  • On-Premises Integration Into VMware Environments
  • Native CI/CD Toolchain Integration
  • Licensing Per Server Workload OS

 Gartner also notes a number of market trends driving the increased growth and adoption of cloud workload protection offerings. Trend Micro addresses and delivers on those key market trends by:

  • Providing a broad range of advanced host-based security as well as seamless integration into leading environments
  • Delivering advanced host-based IPS and traffic inspection
  • Accelerating server detection and response with powerful workload-centric capabilities
  • Securing the software build pipeline with advanced image scanning for malware, vulnerabilities, secrets, IOCs, and non-compliant content
  • Full lifecycle protection for container-based application architectures