Cloud Security Webcast Series

Join Trend Micro and AWS for our bi-weekly webcast on all things cloud security. Participate in these interactive sessions where you’ll hear from industry experts on hot topics and best practices around cloud migration strategies. 

Upcoming dates and topics:

All webinars will take place from 1-2 pm EST.

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September 17: Accelerate migration and automate security at scale with AWS Control Tower & Trend Micro

Presented by: Kishore Vinjam, Sr. Partner Solution Architect, AWS and Raphael Bottino, Solution Architect, Trend Micro

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Now On-Demand:

May 5th: Blackbaud's Cloud Security Journey

Presented by: Mario Mendoza, Lead Security Architect at Blackbaud, Nam Le, Sr Solutions Architect at AWS, and Zack Milem, Cloud Architect at Trend Micro

May 19th: Pragmatic Container Security

Presented by: Jeff Westphal, Technical Leader, Trend Micro and Vipin Mohan, Global Segment Lead (Containers), AWS
June 4th: Best Practices for Automated Compliance in the AWS Well Architected Framework. This webcast is hosted by AWS, please register here.

Presented by: Sameer Kumar Vasanthapuram, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS, Aaron Ansari, North America VP of Sales, Trend Micro and Joe Henderson, General Manager – North America, Edrans

June 18th: How to prioritize security controls for sensitive AWS assets. This webcast is hosted by AWS, please register here.

Presented by: Sounil Yu, Creator of the Cyber Defense Matrix, Josh Thurston, Sr. Category Lead, Security, AWS and Sagar Khasnis, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

June 30th: Observability for Security and Audit on AWS Lambda

Presented by: Mike Milner, Director, Technology, Cloud One Security RD & PM, Trend Micro and Daniel Swart, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

July 16th: How to protect all AWS services and surfaces. This webcast is hosted by AWS, please register here.

Presented by: Dave Shackleford, SANS Analyst, AWS, and Chris Chapman, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

August 6th: AWS Well Architected Framework - Applying AWS best practices from the first line of code with Conformity

Presented by: Raphael Bottino, Solutions Architect, Trend Micro, Fernando Cardoso, Solutions Architect, Trend Micro, and Sameer Kumar Vasanthapuram, AWS