Email Security as a Service

26.03.2020 @ 09:30 - 10:15 GMT

Have you noticed how few malicious attachments appear in your customer’s inboxes now? Compare this with a few short years ago. What does this tell you about the methods employed by malicious actors? 

Users are now educated to not open unsolicited attachments, but this just means the bad guys are using ever more devious techniques to leverage email as a route into the network. Analysis of attachments is still critical but Phishing, Targeted Attacks, Business Email Compromise and the embedding of Malicious URLs are now just as prevalent.  

Register for this webinar and learn how the email security you offer your customers needs to keep up with these changing attack methods, fit with cloud based and hosted email platforms, and how Trend Micro provides the ability to share intelligence learned during analysis with other security layers to deliver you a comprehensive Email Security as Service offering for your customers. 
David Byrne
Sales Engineer, Trend Micro        


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