Complete and Connected Cybersecurity for MSPs: Stability in a changing world

@ 09:30 - 10:15 BST

The traditional IT Channel model is changing. Long established vendors are walking away from the market and customer demands for services, driven by a skills shortage within the IT industry, are driving resellers to transition their business structures, offerings and routes to market.

Transitioning to a Managed Service Provider model can deliver increased profits. However, Resellers often face challenges due to the potential instability, high operational costs, or upfront infrastructure investments. Trend Micro’s channel webinar series, The Transitional Channel, tackles these key challenges for resellers from the perspective of technological impact and commercial viability.

Register for this live webinar and learn about Trend Micro’s Complete and Connected Cybersecurity offering for MSPs. What are the solutions; What are the business support structures; What are the promotions; and how you can monetise the full offering.
David Byrne
Sales Engineer, Trend Micro        

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