Simple and scalable file storage security
for Amazon Simple Storage Service

Live webinar  I  April 13th  I  9 AM CET / 10 AM EET

Amazon Simple Storage Service is popular for a reason - it's flexible, it's secure, and it's scalable.

Customers use S3 for internal, external, and hybrid storage, and they leverage AWS best practices and recommendations to configure everything to keep access managed and the bucket secure.

  • But what do you do in the cases where you need to allow the public to upload files to your buckets?
  • How do you protect your business from malware (accidental or otherwise) in an Amazon S3 bucket?
  • How do you tackle that while keeping up the pace and scale of your business applications and processes, without letting your data leave your infrastructure?

Join us for 45 minutes on April 13th at 9 AM CET / 10 AM EET

And learn about simple, scalable file storage security and best practices for Amazon Simple Storage Service with AWS and Trend Micro.

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Meet the presenters

Kalle Salminen,

Cyber Security Expert, Trend Micro

Kalle Salminen, Cyber Security Expert at Trend Micro Finland, is a qualified security professional and the lead spokesperson for Trend Micro Finland. Kalle is engaged in security concepts and holistic approaches to security and to raise awareness in general for security having significant business impact.

Kalle has a special interest in human elements, social engineering, threat research, cloud security as well as changes and developments within Security Culture in general.

Kalle has been with Trend Micro since early 2017 to help solve customers’ security challenges pertaining to information technology, systems and data security. Kalle has been working in the field of information/cyber security basically throughout his whole career, since 2003. Previous professional experiences includes Information Systems Specialist working for the Government Information Management Unit in the Ministry of Finance, project manager at Secgo Software (later Birdsteå Technology) and Technical Consultant at Computerlinks.

Kalle Salminen holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and a Master of Engineering degree from Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Kalle holds many certifications, among others; CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional and CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker.

Fredrik Karbing
Solution Architect, AWS

Fredrik Karbing, Solution Architect at AWS, holds a role in the center of where technology and business meet. And that is where you will find him currently solving tomorrow´s customers’ challenges at AWS.

With more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry across the world, his beginnings takes place in the technical area ranging from product owner, management and pre-sales to development, architecture and release management leading to satisfactory success rate in terms of producing highly maintainable quality software while minimizing costs and time to market.

Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, Fredrik is a dedicated speaker at tech events and love sharing his experience and insights, understanding what makes a company effective, successful and profitable.

Fredrik holds a Master´s Degree in Computer Science from KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) and a Degree in Economics from SU (Stockholm University). He holds several certificates, such as the AWS Certified Developer – Associate and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

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