New Technology: The Projected Total Economic
Impact™ of Trend Micro Cloud One™
Security Services Platform

Discover the potential cost savings and business benefits of our cloud-native security platform


These projections are over a three-year period.

Cost is a major consideration when choosing a security solution or vendor. To help security leaders make an informed decision, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a New Technology: Projected Total Economic Impact™ study to project the ROI of Trend Micro Cloud One™.

Register for the complimentary study to explore key findings:

  • Annual time saved to security administration of between 2,100 and 6,200 hours.
  • Reduced cost of threat detection and response of between 19% and 27%.
  • Added value to development of between 8% and 16%.
  • Reduced cost of ownership of legacy security tools between 8% and 26%.
  • Cost savings from reduced risk of a breach between 6% and 16%.

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