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How to Extend Enterprise Security
Across the 5G Ecosystem

Learn how to integrate fifth-generation cybersecurity solutions for enterprise digital transformation

The advantages of private 5G in edge computing and the IoT ecosystem have received widespread recognition. However, implementing private 5G in real-world scenarios requires organizations to develop robust security strategies.

Partnering with analyst firm Omdia, Trend Micro and CTOne have published Beyond Secure by Default. We break down this report to help you focus on securing your networks at the service provider level, while prioritizing the security of critical infrastructure, including IT/OT systems.

Watch our on-demand recording for insight into:

Secure by default versus enterprise-grade private 5G security
Red-Circle-Check.png Gaps in demands of users and deliveries from providers
Red-Circle-Check.png Shared responsibility in private 5G security for enterprises
Red-Circle-Check.png How to bridge 5G security and enterprise security holistically

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Meet your presenters

Richard Werner
Business Consultant, Trend Micro

Richard Werner is responsible for delivering our Trend strategy, especially regarding current cyber threats, to those responsible for IT security at larger corporations. This role, which he has held since June 2016, Werner often gives lectures across the industry and communicates with the press.

Bjoern Glueckstadt
Business Development Manager, CTOne

As a cybersecurity expert at CTOne, Bjoern helps enterprises solve security challenges which accompany the implementation and deployment of 5G. His work has helped enterprise CISOs better understand the unique characteristics of the telecom world.

Hollie Hennessy
Senior Analyst, IoT Cybersecurity, Omdia

A cybersecurity analyst at Omdia, Hollie helmed a recent survey of enterprises and 5G service providers, conducted in partnership with Trend, helping IT leaders unpack the most current and significant challenges faced during implementation.

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