Enterprise 5G –
Tackling Changing Threats

Recorded February 23, 2021 | On Demand Webinar

As the 5G rollout gains momentum and enterprises begin assessing use cases for healthcare, logistics, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), and Operation Technology (OT) industries, we cannot allow the security of these networks and their connected devices to be an afterthought.

Despite 5G being designed from the ground up with security at the forefront, it does not mean that it is inherently secure.

Join us as Rik Ferguson, Trend Micro VP of Security Research, and Peter Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence, examines five key security principles that enterprises must consider in the age of 5G, Machine to Machine (M2M) communications, and the Massive internet of things (MIoT).

Presenter Rik Ferguson
Vice President of Security Research
Trend Micro
Presenter Peter Jarich
Head of GSMA Intelligence
Presenter Tim Green
Freelance Journalist, Copywriter and Analyst