You have always wanted to join a security challenge but have never taken the chance. You have been working and training in isolation, mainly in the remote corners of your unintended home office waiting for the opportunity and now that time has arrived.

Whether you are a novice application coder or experienced security practitioner, the #CLOUDSEC_Challenge has something for everyone. In these Hands-On Labs, technical wunderkinds will be tasked to follow the breadcrumbs left by cybercriminals, counter the cyberattacks, and protect their crown jewels – their valuable assets.  The challenges span two major topics, cloud security and detection and response. Are you ready to flex your technical muscles and show us what you've got?

What you can expect in 2.5 hours:

Warm up: Each session consists of a 30-minute fireside chat with Trend Micro and AWS experts.
Kick ass: 2 hour Hands-On Labs experience where you will compete alongside your peers, listen to live commentary as you climb the leaderboard and win bragging rights for the top prizes.

Missed out on #CLOUDSEC_Challenge at CLOUDSEC 2020? Fret not - Due to the overwhelming response we are opening more sessions for you to get your Game Face On. Register your interest below!



Erin Howell
Product Manager,
Cloud One Conformity,
Trend Micro

Kimberly Chow
Specialist Security Architect,

Topic: Well-Architected Challenge
The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps cloud architects build a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads. However, the key to success is using this framework from the beginning. Join this challenge to hear from AWS and Trend Micro on how you can integrate these best practices and principles with a focus on the Security pillar, to show you how to build fast and remain secure.

After the discussion, get ready to play alongside your peers in the Hands-On Labs, learning how to use automated compliance tools in your AWS environment and challenge yourself in numerous investigations.

Hands-On Lab Challenges:

Look on how to solve misconfigurations from your AWS account
Learn how to automate compliance with Cloud One Conformity
Add Automation to pre-deployment compliance checks in the CI/CD pipeline

Ron Chittaro
Snr Product Development Manager,
Trend Micro

Kimberly Chow
Specialist Security Architect,

Topic: Container Orchestration Challenge
As you transition your workloads to container, Kubernetes®, and serverless environments, a unified development and deployment approach requires increased involvement of the cybersecurity team. Tune into this challenge to learn how DevSecOps is being used to secure cloud-native applications fast, then compete with your peers in the race to get the most points whilst you work your way up to protect cloud-native applications.

Hands-On Lab Challenges:

Deploy and integrate security early on in your Jenkins pipeline
Detect and investigate open source vulnerabilities, and threats in container images
Simulate an attack on a running container in EKS based on the results identified
Protect the application with security-as-code to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited

Christina Tee-Bautista
Client Solutions Architect,
Trend Micro

Stefan Avgoustakis
Senior Solution Architect – Security Specialist,

Topic: Serverless Challenge
From powering and scaling websites and applications in a matter of minutes, without requiring adopters to worry about infrastructure, to allowing organizations to iterate software faster using the CI/CD methodology, serverless technology is enabling organizations to have greater speed and the efficiency than ever before. However, like any other technology, serverless isn’t immune to risks and threats.

Join this challenge to gain insights on the security considerations in serverless environments and hear recommendations that can help ensure your serverless deployments are secure. In part 2, partake in challenges against your peers and strive to be the best at securing your cloud-native applications!

Hands-On Lab Challenges:

Automate install of security libraries in your Serverless environment
Learn what are the different vulnerabilities from lambda functions and shield them
Protect against unwanted uploads such as malicious files or malware

Rick Abbott
Product Manager,
Hybrid Cloud,
Trend Micro

Alejandra Artíguez Alcántara
Security Solutions Architect,

Topic: Workload Challenge
Many enterprises on their journey to the cloud require a singular vision in securing their hybrid infrastructure. Join this session as Trend Micro and AWS experts walk through different tactics and options on how to modernize your applications not just on infrastructure side but on the security side.

In the Hands-On Lab, compete with your peers and learn how to make consistent, reliable and scalable security stack in your environment.

Hands-On Lab Challenges:

Learn how to secure EC2 instances by installing security agents at scale
Ease out managing of patches by installing vulnerability shielding

Andrew Chen
Director Product & Service Management, User Protection,
Trend Micro

Yael Teryohin
Country Manager, Israel
Trend Micro

SOC Challenge
Do you have what it takes to beat a hacker? EDR is no longer enough. Hackers are gaining the upper hand and Gartner believes XDR is the best way to combat modern security threats & can reduce alerts by more than 50%. Join this SOC Challenge to learn the real value of XDR and put your skills to the test where you'll have hands-on learning experience to navigate a stimulated cyberattack in real time. For 2 hours, compete alongside your peers and challenge yourself to be the fastest at developing effective action points around attack scenarios and protect your most valuable assets.

This is your time to up your game and show you have what it takes to:

Detect and investigate "how" the attackers got in!
Discover multiple MITRE techniques in getting in the environment, persisting and extracting data
Respond quicker to attacks

View Speaker Bios

Merritt Baer
Principal Security Architect,

David Leybourne
Head of Global Transformation, 

Rik Ferguson

VP Security Research, 
Trend Micro

Adam Boyle
VP, Hybrid Cloud Security, 
Trend Micro

Charlotte Yarkoni
Corporate VP, 
Microsoft Azure

Mario Mendoza

Team Lead, Cyber Security Architecture and Engagement, Blackbaud

Michael Lawrence
Head of Industry Analyst Relations,
Trend Micro

Frank Schwittay

VP, Europe, 
Trend Micro

Prizes to Win

Exciting prizes to be won to step up your work from home game! Which one do you need?

1st place: GoPro Hero 9 | 2nd place: Rode Microphone | 3rd place: Selfie ring light


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