Trend Micro and Benchmark bring you Container Hackfest, a 2 hour online live event where certified offensive hackers attempt to break a container environment protected by Trend Micro Cloud One Security and Benchmark. 

Hackers will try to break into applications running on GCP Kubernetes services and deface infrastructure by using a series of techniques common in attacks today. Defending the applications, we have Trend Micro Application Security protecting against OWASP top 10 runtime threats and Trend Micro Cloud One Workload Security protecting managed workloads from zero-day threats, unpatched vulnerabilities, IoA (MITRE ATT&CK framework) and more.


By the end of the event, participants will learn the process and controls for automated protection, detection and remediation of cloud application cyberthreats.

Want to try breaking the container yourself? Check off Interested in participating in the hack on the registration form and we will contact you with details to prepare. 

Bring your questions for our experts, who will be available to answer live during the event.
Your Host for the Hackfest:

Shlomo Bielak

Shlomo has worked as a senior engineering leader & numerous architecture positions for large enterprises known across the globe. During his tenure, he provided technical thought leadership for the container, cloud, enterprise architecture, networking, voice/video, and application security domains.


Reach out to us at [email protected]


Reach out to us at [email protected]




Madhu Akula is the creator of Kubernetes Goat, an intentionally vulnerable by design Kubernetes Cluster to learn and practice Kubernetes Security. Also published author and cloud native security researcher with an extensive experience. Also he is an active member of the international security, devops and cloud native communities (null, DevSecOps, AllDayDevOps, etc). Holds industry certifications like OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional), CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator), etc. Madhu frequently speaks and runs training sessions at security events and conferences around the world including DEFCON (24, 26 & 27), BlackHat USA (2018 & 19), USENIX LISA (2018 & 19), O’Reilly Velocity EU 2019, GitHub Satellite 2020, Appsec EU (2018 & 19), All Day DevOps (2016, 17, 18, 19 & 20), DevSecCon (London, Singapore, Boston), DevOpsDays India, c0c0n(2017, 18), Nullcon (2018, 19), SACON 2019, Serverless Summit, null and multiple others.

His research has identified vulnerabilities in over 200+ companies and organisations including; Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, eBay, AT&T, WordPress, NTOP and Adobe, etc and credited with multiple CVE’s, Acknowledgements and rewards. He is co-author of Security Automation with Ansible2 (ISBN-13: 978-1788394512), which is listed as a technical resource by Red Hat Ansible. Also won 1st prize for building Infrastructure Security Monitoring solution at InMobi flagship hackathon among 100+ engineering teams.

Bhavin Patel is a passionate application security professional with over 9 years of experience in the retail, finance, and technology industries. He enjoys working on the bleeding edge of innovation and security research. He continuously presents at global technology hackathons and various security conferences and competitions, such as Hacker Halted 2019 and U.S.A South Eastern Cyber Defense (SEDDC) / National Cyber Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

Bhavin's expertise include penetration testing, application security, security engineering, security architecture, data-centric security, risk management, and cloud security. He currently holds several information security certifications, such as: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Software Security Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). His current interests and projects include Machine Learning with Security, API Threat Prevention, Financial Grade APIs (F-API), API Token Security.