Cybersecurity for Connected Cars

Exploring Risks in 5G, Cloud, and Other Connected Technologies

The connected car is quickly evolving thanks to the arrival of 5G. Connected cars are changing the world of mobility by collecting, processing, and using massive amounts of valuable data. New mobility experiences, such as autonomous driving, are enabled by leveraging the data collected.

With this exciting era upon us, proper countermeasures should be taken to secure the ever-changing world of mobility. Trend Micro, a trusted connected car cybersecurity partner, identifies and provides insight into prevention techniques against security risks in its latest whitepaper “Cybersecurity for Connected Cars.”

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  • Expert research and the latest findings about remote vehicle attack patterns
  • Advanced threat research forecasting the shift of connected-car architecture to the cloud
  • New, unique risks for connected cars created by 5G and various network environments
  • Types of perpetrators launching attacks and their objectives
  • Insights into threat modeling for connected cars
  • Guidelines for protecting connected cars

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