Trend Micro has been ranked #1 in 2 of 3 key endpoint categories in IDC’s report,

“Worldwide Corporate Endpoint Security Market Shares, 2020: Pandemic and Expanding Functionality Propelled Market Growth”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a cybersecurity vendor’s capability to protect end user devices became critical. This led to a larger reliance on server security.

According to IDC, “Propelled by the aforementioned market growth in server security and high single-digit growth in modern endpoint security, Trend Micro moved upward in the corporate endpoint security market in 2020 to capture the highest share, at 10.5%”

While sales for physical server security understandably stayed flat throughout 2020, workload security revenue grew across the industry.

According to IDC, “Nominally, Trend Micro led all vendors in this submarket with an increase of $53.3 million, from $300.9 million in 2019 to $354.2 million in 2020.”

In our view, IDC’s Worldwide Corporate Endpoint Security Market Shares report places Trend Micro as the definitive leader in endpoint security.

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