The State of Industrial Cybersecurity

Explore the challenges smart factories faced in 2020
according to IT and OT teams surveyed in the US, Germany, and Japan.

This report by Trend Micro reveals the current state and challenges of industrial cybersecurity in smart factories. As manufacturing companies undergo digital transformations to encourage growth, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Encouraging collaboration between IT and OT has been a well-documented issue. From technology and environment, to people and processes, there is a lot of inconsistency between approaches from IT and OT teams. This report provides additional insight into the benefits of bridging the gap between these organizations.

Lastly, as manufacturing companies play a significant part of the global supply chain, we explore the differences between cybersecurity approaches across three countries—the US, Germany, and Japan–from 500 IT and OT respondents. 

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  • Results of all three countries:
    • Cybersecurity incidents
    • Challenges facing people, process, technology
    • Cybersecurity measures implemented
    • IT and OT collaboration
  • Results by country
    • Challenges facing people, process, technology
    • Cybersecurity measures implemented
    • Impetuses to institute collaboration
    • Regulations and standards
    • Organizational structures
    • Human resource management
  • Recommendations for securing smart factories

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