Secure Manufacturing on
Cloud, Edge, and 5G

Valuable threat intelligence to help navigate the latest changes

The evolution of modern digital manufacturing has been made possible by the fusion of IT (information technology), OT (operational technology), and CT (communication technology), all of which have derived from disparate environments.

This e-book provides you with insight into system changes brought on by factory production processes and explains how the cloud and 5G have transformed smart factories. You’ll also receive a look into how we map the attack scenario so you can identify the type of risks that lie throughout the entire system. We also deliver overlooked best practices you’ll need to build a resilient security strategy.

Register for this exclusive e-book to learn about:

  • Digital manufacturing: Convergence of IT, OT, and CT
  • The first step towards cybersecurity: Identify
  • Stakeholder roles in industrial control system (ICS) security
  • How the introduction of the cloud affects system structures and boundaries
  • Changes to the field network when introducing Private LTE/5G
  • How we map attack scenarios across processes and systems
  • The threats and risks revealed by these experiments
  • How threat intelligence based on IT, OT, and CT helps protect manufacturing environments
  • The ways Trend Micro can support your digital manufacturing strategy safely and effectively

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