The State of Industrial Cybersecurity

Explore the challenges faced in 2022 according to
industrial cybersecurity leaders surveyed
in the US, Germany, and Japan.

Manufacturing, electricity, and oil and gas organizations around the world are experiencing a digital transformation that is leading to increasingly interconnected IT and OT environments. Some organizations are looking to leverage new technology, such as cloud and 5G network, to accelerate this transformation. On the other hand, incorporating new technologies into their systems expands attack surface and leads to new risks.  As cyberattacks continue to evolve, ensuring cybersecurity defenses are resilient is paramount to keeping critical operations safe from delays and damages. Reducing cyber risk is also vital to limiting financial damage from successful attacks.

Our survey reveals the current state and challenges of industrial cybersecurity to help manufacturing, electric, and oil and gas organizations be more resilient and prevent supply disruptions.

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  • Results from all three industries (900 respondents):
    • Impacts and damages due to cyberattacks
    • Number of system disruptions and recognized causes
    • Maturity of cybersecurity
    • Drivers to strengthen cybersecurity
  • Recommendations for securing ICS/OT environments

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