Threat Intelligence Webinar

2022 Security
Roundup Review

Thursday, March 30 | 1:00 p.m. ET

Gathering the latest threat intelligence from around the world, Trend Micro™ Research continuously explores the threat landscape to bring you our annual Security Roundup.

I’ll dive deep into our 2022 review to deliver insight into the top attacks uncovered over the past 12 months, helping you plan a stronger cybersecurity strategy.

Watch my monthly threat webinar for:

Valuable insight into real-world cybersecurity threats uncovered in 2022
Red-Circle-Check.png An insider’s exploration of the current threat landscape, including up-to-the-minute stats and data from Trend Micro global threat intelligence
Red-Circle-Check.png Best practices on how to utilize these findings to better mitigate cyber risk in 2023


Hosted by:

Jon Clay 
VP, Threat Intelligence, Trend Micro

Jon Clay has worked in the cybersecurity space for over 26 years. Jon uses his industry experience to educate and share insights on all Trend Micro externally published threat research and intelligence. He delivers webinars, writes blogs, and engages customers and the public on the state of cybersecurity around the world. 
An accomplished public speaker, Jon has delivered hundreds of speaking sessions globally. He focuses on the threat landscape, cybercriminal undergrounds, the attack lifecycle, and the use of advanced detection technologies in protecting against today’s sophisticated threats. 

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