We live in a time of rapid technological progress marked by a convergence of global challenges ranging from economic uncertainty, supply chain disruptions, and increasing cyber threats, to complex environmental and geopolitical issues.

In this fast-changing environment, decision-makers across sectors must embrace digitization while ensuring strong cybersecurity and protecting critical infrastructure. Measures to ensure high levels of cybersecurity and the integration of new, disruptive technologies offer unique opportunities, but also present new challenges for governments and companies tasked with implementing or complying with them.

This virtual event, co-hosted by Trend Micro and the Digital Society Institute (DSI), aims to foster a meaningful dialogue among distinguished experts from both the public and private sectors.

By bringing these experts together, we aim to

  • explore the intricacies of NIS2 implementation, analyze its impact on private companies and public organizations, and provide insights into the implications of its key provisions
  • explore the transformative power of disruptive technologies and highlight their importance for decision makers in both the public and private sectors

The remote-only event is open to business decision makers, policy makers, thought leaders, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of cybersecurity and the impact of NIS2.

Register to watch the insightful discussions with renowned experts from industry, government, and academia. 

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Our Panelists & Moderators


Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar
Director, Digital Society Institute,
ESMT Berlin


Erick Thek
Manager Cyber Threat Intelligence,
Trend Micro


Christian Rupp
Chief Digital Officer (CDO),
PROSOZ Herten GmbH


Dr. Tassilo Singer
Public Services


Richard Skalt (moderator)
Manager, Digital Society Institute,
ESMT Berlin


Richard Werner (moderator)
Senior Business Consultant,
Trend Micro

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