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Why Should You Care About XDR?

Recorded December 2021

For decades, the industry has touted that a layered approach to security is paramount to your security posture. Effective protection of your infrastructure relies on a defense strategy that includes protection in multiple layers. Thus, having visibility and being able to collect and analyze data quickly from multiple sources to understand, mitigate, and respond to a breach is critical.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is great and all, but having sources of information beyond the endpoint is better. As cybercriminals are shifting their tactics to improve their ability to successfully carry out an attack, we need to expand EDR to include other areas and improve our visibility into the entire attack lifecycle, beyond the endpoint.

Enter Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Trend Micro Vision One – a purpose-built threat defence platform that helps you with just this. With correlated detection, better alerting, and an ability to investigate leads, it empowers your team to respond faster and broadens the scope of detection and response across endpoint, email, networks, servers, and cloud workloads.

Join us for 45 minutes to learn more about the evolution of EDR, how it's different, and, most importantly, why you should care.


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Meet the presenters


Jean Diarbakerli

Strategic Security Advisor, Trend Micro

Jean Diarbakerli, Strategic Security Advisor at Trend Micro, is a qualified security expert and the leading spokesperson for Trend Micro in Sweden. Jean has a great interest in the field of technology and especially focus on trends within user technology, network integrity as well as how to communicate and educate in cybersecurity in a comprehensible way.

Jean has worked within IT since 2013, and has a degree in Information and Communication Technology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Jean’s experience within IT is extensive and includes a range from maintaining and supporting large IT environments, to system maintenance, installation, and documentation. He is also experienced in project management and taking on the role as consultant in both internal and external solutions. Furthermore, Jean has also been a profiled product expert for solutions within the area of wireless networks (Wi-Fi), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and cybersecurity.

Jean has been at Trend Micro since 2018 where he is responsible for the brand’s network security solutions. He is also Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Trend Micros IPS- solution, and the solutions within Operational Technology (OT). On top of his wide technology knowledge, Jean has many years of experience within sales ‒ building and maintaining client relationships through workshops, delivering proof of concepts, analyses, inventory, documentation and providing expertise in architecture and design.

Jon Åhlenström

Sales Engineer, Trend Micro

Jon Åhlenström, Sales Engineer at Trend Micro, has a broad knowledge in cyber security technology. With his pedagogical knowledge Jon works together with customers to understand, explain, and expand the different ways on how to create secure environments. He is driven to figure out and meet customer challenges and demands to create the best environment possible.

Jon became a Security Specialist in 2015 but his experience in the IT business started in 2008 after finishing his studies in mathematics and pedagogy. His experience spans from IT Operations roles in areas like endpoint, server, data center, networking and security. From his experience as an IT Security Consultant Jon has worked with large enterprises acting as a product expert, advisor and been part of many IT Security projects.

Jon has been a Sales Engineer at Trend Micro since 2020 where his focus areas are endpoint, server and cloud security. One of his main responsibility are around Trend Micro’s Detection and Response portfolio (XDR – Vision One) where he challenges himself and expands the Analyst and Threat Hunting skills. As a part of the Sales Engineer team Jon builds relationships with customers through workshops, technical demos, advisory as well as providing expertise in architecture and design.

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