Ensuring Security is Never a Burden in the Software-Defined Data Center

Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization (BIDCO) is one of the nation's preeminent Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations. BIDCO virtualized its data center to create a private cloud for delivering application services. And they did it in a way which mitigates risk and streamlines management of the new infrastructure.

Learn how having the right security strategy for virtual and cloud environments can help you avoid challenges such as vulnerability gaps, lost ROI, performance lag, and difficulty proving compliance. In this webinar, BIDCO will share how their virtualized environment fits their organization's mantra "security should never be a burden."

Watch an on-demand webinar to learn strategies for:
  • Optimizing deployment, security, and management
  • Relying on a virtual patching layer for ongoing protection
  • Adding a necessary extra level of security through file integrity monitoring and log inspection

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