Don't get freaked out by applications that may be crawling with vulnerable open source packages; flip the switch on your vulnerable applications. Join us and learn how to identify and zap those uglies and prevent them from materializing in your cloud infrastructure as a "class 5 free-roaming vapor"!

Trend Micro Cloud One™ - Open Source Security by Snyk connects with your code repositories and CI/CD pipelines to scan projects. Join Trend Micro and Snyk on October 21st to learn how we empower teams with better visibility, tracking, and early awareness into open source issues for more relevant insights and risk management.

Topics will include:

Understand the importance of visibility into open source dependencies
Learn not to easily test your own repositories for open source issues
Generate a bill of materials and monitor projects over time
Surface open source license risks that may pose legal or compliance issues

Workshop Agenda - Approximately 1 hour

  • Introduction to Cloud One - Open Source Security
  • Identify integration points and connect a GitHub sample repo to test for open source risks
  • Understand how to evaluate and monitor key findings, and use in-product knowledge base
  • Gain an understanding of direct and indirect dependency mapping
  • Report and manage key findings for open source issues

Who should attend?
DevOps, SecOps, DevSecOps, information security, application security, or anyone interested in open source security and license management!

Join us live to win tickets to the new Ghostbusters movie and complete pre-reqs for $100 in AWS credits.

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Presented by:

Jason Dablow
Principal Engineer & Cloud Advisor, Trend Micro

Jason Dablow has over twenty years of experience in the computer industry, with the last eighteen focused on security. He has been creating security solutions for the top global enterprises specializing in accelerating and securing hybrid cloud deployments. In his free time, he enjoys being on the golf course, hitting the local craft brew scene, and relaxing at home with his cats.

Marco Morales
Partner Solutions Architect, Snyk

Marco Morales is a Partner Solutions Architect at Snyk, responsible for the creation of great integrations between Snyk and partners. Marco’s passions and interests are to deliver scalable products to improve day-to-day operations of development teams.

Jacob Lake

Jacob Lake
DevOps Engineer, Trend Micro

Chuck Losh is a cloud technology enthusiast, researcher, tinkerer, and always striving to find a better solution to a problem and help his customers. He has worked 20+ years in information technology in various roles, such as a developer/programmer, infrastructure, operations related roles, as well as a cloud engineer. He currently works at Trend Micro as an Product Marketing Manager, teaching and helping customers implement security software, and best practices to protect their business.

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