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Complete the form to take a tour within a virtual environment. The environment provides a pre-configured lab with machines that simulate a basic corporate setup running a Trend Micro Vision One Instance, in which you can explore product features and capabilities.

Trend Micro Vision One
Trend Micro Vision One includes advanced XDR capabilities to collect and correlate deep activity data across multiple layers — email, endpoints, servers, and networks — enabling a level of detection and investigation that goes beyond traditional SIEM, EDR or other single-point solutions.

With combined context, events that may seem benign on their own quickly become meaningful indicators of compromise (IOC). These enhanced analytics paired with powerful response tools enable security teams to quickly contain the impact of the threat, minimizing severity and scope. By correlating events across layers, security teams benefit from fewer and higher-fidelity alerts — reducing lengthier triage processes.

Trend Micro Vision One XDR capabilities offers a SIEM API integration to easily and quickly forward alerts. After clicking on a SIEM alert, an analyst can easily access the Trend Micro Vision One investigation workbench to receive further visibility, conduct deeper analysis, and take immediate necessary action. XDR gets to the heart of what’s important. Please visit the Trend Micro website to learn more.

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Please ensure that you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or a recent version of Microsoft Edge (version 79 or higher ) when filling out this form to start your tour.


How does it work? 

The web console is pre-loaded with data every few hours to enrich your experience. Instant tour is a shared environment. To avoid unintended changes impacting other users please note that some product features and selected pages are not accessible (e.g. product license, password reset), in these instances you may see a blank page. If you would like to experience a fully featured demo or build a custom scenario, please contact us.

Browser: use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or a recent version of Microsoft Edge (version 79 or higher )

During the tour:

The time allowance for this tour is one hour.

During this time you have the option to:

  • Test out the product
  • Connect with us
  • Rate your experience

After the tour:

Learn more about the product through relevant information provided to you after the tour.

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