Email delivered threats are still the #1 infection route into an organisation

For a long time now there’s been a sustained focus from cyber adversaries on manipulating email systems to successfully deliverer malicious payloads.

From traditional malware delivery to file-less attacks, there are no signs of email threats slowing. In fact, over 90% of all ransomware today is delivered via email.

Security teams are not only tasked with managing volume-orientated attacks, like Ransomware, but now tasked with protecting high profile individuals (and business executives) from highly targeted business email compromise (BEC) attacks; estimated to cost in excess of $12 billion USD’s (2018) and cost an average of $160,000 per incident.

This webinar will look at the evolution of email based threats and what this means to organisations looking to bolster their security defences in Microsoft Office 365.

You will learn:

• How Trend Micro blocked 8.9 million ‘high-risk’ threats missed by Office 365

• How AI can protect high-risk users from business email compromise (BEC) attacks

• How to stop users unknowingly sharing malicious files using OneDrive or SharePoint

• How APIs can simplify deployment of 3rd party security in Office 365


Thursday 5th September 2019

4:00 PM to 4:30 PM BST


Chris Taylor
Director Product Strategy, Trend Micro
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