Europe | Amsterdam
AMAZE | 16th of April | 9.30h– 17.30h


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Trend Micro's Risk to Resilience World Tour is back on April 16 at AMAZE in Amsterdam! In today’s high-speed digital landscape, cyber risks continually surge across expansive attack surfaces, putting organizations in a restless race to defend against threats. This year’s theme ‘Innovation meets adrenaline’ promises to illuminate a path towards unified cybersecurity
that allows businesses to stay ahead with greater speed, precision and innovation.



09.30 AM Welcome & Registration
10.00 AM Opening
10.10 AM
Keynote | Race Against Threats: Resilience in the Era of Modern Threats
Rense Buijen, Head of Global Incident Response, Trend Micro
The Risk to Resilience keynote session unpacks a forward-looking analysis of the latest threat research and threat predictions exposing emerging tactics, techniques, and the current characteristics of the cyber threat landscape. Cybersecurity leaders and defenders will gain insights into the adversary's playbook, learning about novel vectors such as AI-driven attacks and evolutions in ransomware. The session is designed to empower cybersecurity professionals with knowledge to anticipate and meet the challenge of these advanced threats.
10.35 AM
Why you need a platform-based approach to cybersecurity
A fireside chat between Pieter Molen, Technical Director & Glenn Portier, Director Sales & Channel.
10.55 AM A cybersecurity journey in the foodservices market
Marcel Woltjes, CISO, Sligro Food Group
Marcel will share Sligro's cybersecurity evolution over the past few years, discussing how he identifies cyber risks and the frameworks used for risk assessment. He will also address specific challenges of raising awareness amongst different levels within the organization about these risks and the role of Trend Micro in mitigating them.
Lastly, Marcel will explore potential future developments that may pose both opportunities and risks to professional Food companies like Sligro Food Group. This presentation promises to provide a compelling insight into cybersecurity within the foodservices market.
11.25 AM
How SSC Syntrophos has implemented a Detection & Response philosophy
Erwin van Leiden, IT Director, Syntrophos
As a joint arrangement, shared service center Syntrophos provides ICT services for the participating municipalities of Nissewaard and Voorne aan Zee. With a focus on securing information provisioning, workstations, and connections, Syntrophos takes its responsibility very serious. In an interactive session, Erwin van Leiden, IT manager at Syntrophos, shares his experiences in developing a security roadmap with its stakeholders, outlining the modular approach. Discover how Syntrophos has leveraged Trend Micro Vision One to achieve success and further solidify its position in the supplier market. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from Syntrophos' practical examples.
Session will be in Dutch.
11.55 AM Lunch
1.00 PM
Never underestimate the vital role of cloud security in your digital landscape
Wesley Niels, Director Cloud EMEA & Partner, DEPT
In today’s tech landscape, cloud security is top of mind by architects, developers, and engineers – as it should be. Advanced tactics like landing zones, infrastructure as code, and secure pipelines are used to minimize the attack surface on organization's digital landscape. But here’s the thing: relying solely on your expertise can be a misconception. Ignoring security tools because they are expensive or assuming everything is already secure can eventually backfire on you.
We've invited Wesley Niels, Director Cloud EMEA at DEPT®, for a chat about the challenges and lessons learned in securing cloud environments. He will talk about the importance of protecting both their own and their client’s setups with a deep dive into how DEPT® uses Trend Micro to apply (security) best practices for their cloud setups.
1.30 PM How to approach cybersecurity in today’s high-speed digital landscape
Pieter Molen, Technical Director Benelux, Trend Micro
In this session, we will demonstrate our approach to cybersecurity within a rapidly evolving threat landscape, addressing the challenges faced by CISOs, SOC staff, and IT Management in highly diverse IT environments. We'll explore how to ensure timely detection of attacks, effective control and communication of risks, and continuous improvement of cyber resilience while optimizing costs.
2.00 PM
The power of NIS2 and why it matters.
Oscar Koeroo, CISO Concern, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
The new laws and regulations from the EU clearly show a strong ambition to strengthen the digital playing field. This is also necessary in the current climate of continuously increasing attacks. In this presentation, Oscar will show the importance of developments such as NIS2 and related legislation. He will share what his perspective is and the value of these developments, especially now.
2.30 PM Break
2.50 PM
Generative AI — A Cyber Sword with Double Edges
Eric Skinner, VP Market Strategy, Trend Micro
Dive into the world of cyber generative AI and explore its dual nature as both a potential cybersecurity risk and a valuable tool for security teams. We explore the various ways in which generative AI can be exploited for malicious purposes, including deepfake creation, automated phishing attacks, and the potential generation of sophisticated malware. Conversely, we also examine the innovative applications of generative AI in enhancing cybersecurity measures, such as alert and risk event explanation, custom and prescriptive guidance, advanced threat hunting, and more. This session provides a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI in the cybersecurity landscape.
3.10 PM Your Path to Secure Innovation: Insights from AWS on Technology Trends
Matt Eglin, Solutions Architect, AWS
Learn how at AWS, security is as much about technology as it is about people and culture and how AWS is helping customers innovate faster on and off the cloud while maintaining a strong security posture. This session will cover the trends seen within the industry today, including Zero Trust and the security impact of the increased usage of AI models. We will look at how we see these evolving in the year ahead. During this session, you will learn how Cloud technologies and concepts can support your security needs.
3.30 PM Keynote speaker: Najib Amhali
Cybersecurity is serious business. But because a day without laughter is a day wasted, we want everyone to go home with a smile on their face. And Najib Amhali will help us with that. Najib has dedicated his life to entertaining and inspiring people, whether on stage, on screen, or speaking at a conference. His unique mix of humor and passion makes him a fantastic speaker to end the day with. 
Session will be in Dutch.

4.00 PM Closing remarks
4.05 PM
AMAZE Tour & Networking Reception
AMAZE is a 3,000 square meter immersive audio-visual experience. The labyrinth runs through an old industrial and notorious nightclub in Amsterdam’s West Port district. The first illegal raves were held here back in the day, and it now serves as a creative hub, and the home of AMAZE. We invite you to take a journey from your head to your heart and reconnect to your inner self. You’ll walk through 6 different stages, each providing a unique show per stage. Please invited to join us for a networking reception before and/or after the tour. Here you have the chance to network with peers and speakers while enjoying some delicious drinks and bites.
4.05 PM
** Trend Micro Partners only **
Benefits of the new Trend Partner Program
Harold Nelissen, Sr. Lead Partner Programs & Strategy, Trend Micro
Trend Micro will reveal and launch its new global partner program shortly. In this session, one of the architects of the new program will give you deeper and practical insights on how to fully benefit from it. The revamped Trend Partner Program is designed to accelerate the growth and competence of our partners’ businesses. Key components of the program include Partner Competency, Trend Campus for comprehensive training and development, lead generation tools to co-sell and grow business, the Partner Capability Model for assessing partner success, tiered benefits & requirements, and more.
4.30 PM AMAZE Tour & Networking Reception
5.30 PM End


Marcel Woltjes
Oscar Koeroo
CISO Concern
Ministery of Health, Welfare and Sport
Najib Amhali
Wesley Niels
Director Cloud EMEA & Partner
Erwin van Leiden
IT manager
Matt Eglin
Solutions Architect
Eric Skinner
VP Market Strategy
Trend Micro
Harold Nelissen
Sr. Lead Partner Programs & Strategy
Trend Micro
Pieter Molen
Technical Director
Trend Micro
Glenn Portier
Director Sales & Channel
Trend Micro
Rense Buijen
Head of Global Incident Response
Trend Micro
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