Stop by our booth for your mission briefing. Talk to our expert crew members and learn more about our solutions powered by XGen™ security.

When it comes to defending your organization against the full range of known and unknown threats, there is no silver bullet. Yes, “next-gen” threat defense techniques are needed to combat the emergence of threats like ransomware, but these techniques alone cannot efficiently deal with the huge volume of other threats still out there. Go beyond “next-gen” with Trend Micro XGen™ security, which applies the right technique at the right time to help you better defend your organization – now and in the future.

Trend Micro’s security solutions are powered by XGen™ security and work seamlessly together as part of the enterprise security system.

SMART Maximizes protection with solutions that are powered by a unique blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques and market-leading global threat intelligence.

OPTIMIZED Minimizes IT impact with solutions that are specifically designed for and integrated with leading customer platforms and applications on endpoints, networks, data centers, and the cloud.

CONNECTED Speeds time to response with centralized visibility and control and automatic sharing of threat intelligence across security layers.

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