White Paper:

Practical Risk Assessments
for Smart Factories

When it comes to smart factory security, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You must design security based on your organization’s current situation, setting goals and looking at how to fulfill them alongside the current skills gap.

Rather than explaining the theory of risk assessment, this white paper simulates risk assessment practices, using a fictitious smart factory as an example. The assessment described in this white paper aims to assess and prioritize the risks of the entire smart factory environment, including IT.

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  1. System inventory and topology
  2. Divide the system into zones and conduits
  3. Identify the threats
  4. Score the risks
    • Likelihood: Identify threats and vulnerability
    • Severity: Determine availability and confidentiality
  5. Making a risk matrix
  6. Identify the risks with high priority
  7. Next steps: Determine security levels, identify, and evaluate countermeasures

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