Hybrid Cloud Security

It’s a hybrid cloud world and most organizations have a mix of traditional and new applications. As one takes advantage of the operational and economic benefits of virtualization and the cloud, it is critical to secure the hybrid environments effectively. If any aspect of security is neglect, gaps are left that open the door to threats and serious data breaches, like malware, ransomware, exploits and other vulnerabilities, that are growing more sophisticated and disruptive to businesses every day.

It is all about agility and speed
The movement from monolithic applications to microservices with containers in serverless environments allows you to be quicker and more responsive to change, and helps you to manage risk and protect the business.

Proactive Protection with Virtual Patching
Hundreds of software vulnerabilities are exposed each month and timely patching is expensive and prone to error. Learn how you protect your workloads when vulnerabilities are discovered with a virtual patching solution and thus protecting your server immediately:

Defend your AWS workloads

Powerful security for your cloud and data center environment

Protect your Microsoft Azure workloads

Robust protection for your data center and cloud

Secure your VMware workloads

Comprehensive security for the modern data center

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"Take advantage of Virtualisation and the Cloud"

It’s critical to secure your virtualised data centers, cloud deployments, and hybrid environments effectively. If you neglect any aspect of security, it will leave gaps that open the door to threats and serious data breaches.

Learn how to improve visibility, protect workloads against threats and vulnerabilities, how to save resources and reduce costs AND get a deep dive into our Virtual Patching

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Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms
Read this Gartner research paper to learn more about the market and key recommendations Gartner makes to best protect your cloud workloads.

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