Customer Success Stories
for Smart Factories

As Trend Micro smart factory solutions help a growing number of organizations become more resilient, we highlight three customer success stories to provide insight into the full scope of capabilities.

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    • Enabling a connected threat defense for greater visibility and real-time protection
    • Region: Brazil, Latin America
    • Industry: Semiconductor/Manufacturing
    • Keywords: Network security, IT and OT, vulnerability, SCADA
  • Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation
    • Gaining comprehensive protection for industrial IoT platform
    • Region: Tokyo, Japan
    • Industry: Electrical Engineering
    • Keywords: Cloud platform, IoT sensor, software as a service
  • Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
    • Increasing security improvement to create a connected factory with IoT
    • Region: Tokyo, Japan
    • Sector: Manufacturing
    • Keywords: Standalone, EWS, HMI, malware protection 

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