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Gateway Security Virtual Appliances

Tally your 3-year savings based on analyst calculations

Analyst firm Osterman Research confirms that switching from gateway appliances or software to virtual security appliances (VSAs) saves 48 ‒ 54%.

How is it possible?
"Organizations that deployed VSAs increased the number of users per server by an average of 50%." - Michael Osterman, Osterman Research

Other ways you'll save:

  • Hardware: save 50% or more
  • Licensing: save 20-30% on per user cost
  • Downtime: reduce outages by 47%
  • Admin: lower maintenance and helpdesk costs

Get a full breakdown of how you'll save.

It's quick and easy—just two steps: select your current gateway security deployment and then enter the number of end users. You'll also receive a white paper by Osterman Research: "The Cost Advantages of Virtual Security Appliances."

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