Managing the patch gap with Deep Security

On demand | Recorded November 14th, 2019

Vulnerabilities can adversely affect an organization beyond its bottom line and can also risk the privacy of personally identifiable information (PII) that, when compromised, can have real-life consequences. They undermine not only a company’s reputation.

Register for this on demand webinar where we will introduce a way forward in getting higher security levels, the right levels and getting more time to other things.

We will talk about and show:

• Keep the security- and patch level up to date on Windows and Linux servers that has become end of life and end of support
• Gain control of your security patch management cycles
• Easy administration of your server park, on-prem and in the cloud – even a mix
• Easily protect servers that you can’t touch and update
• How to do security patch management during working hours without service interruptions
• Virtual server and machine patch management
• Higher consolidation by offloading virtual patching from individual virtual machines (VMs) to a single security virtual appliance
• Faster performance by neutralizing security storms and resource contention from simultaneous patching
• Better manageability by eliminating agents for virtual patching and the need to configure and update each one
• Stronger security by providing instant-on protection for new VMs coordinated by the dedicated security appliance
• And much more...

Meet the presenters

Joakim Häggström

Cyber Security Specialist Deep Security, Trend Micro

Joakim has a special interest in protecting server environment, on-prem and in the cloud – this also involves the optimization of operations and patch management.

Joakim has been working with Trend Micro solutions for more than 10 years and has a great experiences from enterprise environment as well as small / medium companies. During his almost 30 years in the IT industry he has gained a great understanding of how companies are building their infrastructure, policies and what the needs are in order to optimize and keep environments safe.

Johnny Krogsboll

Technical Director Nordics, Trend Micro

Johnny is the Nordic Technical Director with Trend Micro for more than 3 years and manages a team of 15 cyber security experts and active involved in customer engagements.

Johnny is an active speaker and presenter that likes to share his experience and knowhow. His knowhow has been built up over the last 30 years of experiences with some of the largest companies in the world and various roles;i.e, consultant, trusted advisor, specialist and manager, in the IT industry.

Johnny has been cofounder of 4 startups and started 2 companies on his own.