Addressing Ransomware in Hospitals

Secure protected health information (PHI) and critical operations

Recorded August 2022, On-Demand

In the US, 79% of public data breaches reported between August 2020 and July 2022 were caused by a “hacking/IT incident”, with a majority stemming from ransomware attacks. The growing number of incidents has left tens of thousands of patients, as well as hundreds of hospital operations, at risk.

To mitigate cyber risk in the healthcare industry, it is vital to identify the top vulnerabilities plaguing hospital information systems due to modernization and long-term use (including eHR, modality, PACS, telemedicine, BYOD, and digital transformation).

Join Trend Micro IoT security evangelist, William Malik, as he discusses the ransomware landscape, cybersecurity challenges within hospitals, and Trend Micro’s strategy to protect PHI and critical operations.

You’ll gain real-world insight into:

Red-Circle-Check.png Security incidents affecting hospitals

Red-Circle-Check.png Up-to-the-minute ransomware attack methods

Red-Circle-Check.png The latest ransomware protection

Red-Circle-Check.png Actionable solutions and best practices

Bill Malik_US.png
Speaker: William J. Malik
Vice President, Infrastructure Strategies, Trend Micro

Brian Partridge
Research Director, 451 Research

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