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Zero Trust: Is Identity the New Security Perimeter?

At Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit APAC in March this year, identity-first security was identified as a key trend going forward.

“Identity-first security puts identity at the center of security design and demands a major shift from traditional LAN edge design thinking,” According to Gartner.

Zero Trust in itself is not a particular product technology, but a philosophy that security teams can choose to embrace, in which nothing is trusted by default. It promotes an ‘assume compromise’ way of thinking, and as organizations start their Zero Trust journey, a new approach is needed. It comes as no surprise that threats can arise anywhere, and defending against an increasingly blurred perimeter requires every part of the network to be secured, starting with the users.

Watch this 30 minutes recording from June 3, 2021

for a discussion around the topic of Zero Trust and the adoption strategies to take in your journey towards safely exchanging digital information in this new time and age.

Jean and Kalle will share their views on the topic and help you navigate in how to shift the access controls away from the network perimeter to the users. We will touch on the subjects of single sign-on and access controls, and help define Zero Trust and its principles.

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Meet the speakers


Jean Diarbakerli
Strategic Security Advisor, Trend Micro

Jean Diarbakerli, Strategic Security Advisor at Trend Micro, is a qualified security expert and the leading spokesperson for Trend Micro in Sweden. Jean has a great interest in the field of technology and especially focus on trends within user technology, network integrity as well as how to communicate and educate in cybersecurity in a comprehensible way.

Jean has worked within IT since 2013, and has a degree in Information and Communication Technology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Jean’s experience within IT is extensive and includes a range from maintaining and supporting large IT environments, to system maintenance, installation, and documentation. He is also experienced in project management and taking on the role as consultant in both internal and external solutions. Furthermore, Jean has also been a profiled product expert for solutions within the area of wireless networks (Wi-Fi), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and cybersecurity.

Jean has been at Trend Micro since 2018 where he is responsible for the brand’s network security solutions. He is also Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Trend Micros IPS- solution, and the solutions within Operational Technology (OT). On top of his wide technology knowledge, Jean has many years of experience within sales ‒ building and maintaining client relationships through workshops, delivering proof of concepts, analyses, inventory, documentation and providing expertise in architecture and design.

Kalle Salminen

Cyber Security Expert, Trend Micro

Kalle Salminen, Cyber Security Expert at Trend Micro Finland, is a qualified security professional and the lead spokesperson for Trend Micro Finland. Kalle is engaged in security concepts and holistic approaches to security and to raise awareness in general for security having significant business impact.

Kalle has a special interest in human elements, social engineering, threat research, cloud security as well as changes and developments within Security Culture in general.

Kalle has been with Trend Micro since early 2017 to help solve customers’ security challenges pertaining to information technology, systems and data security. Kalle has been working in the field of information/cyber security basically throughout his whole career, since 2003. Previous professional experiences includes Information Systems Specialist working for the Government Information Management Unit in the Ministry of Finance, project manager at Secgo Software (later Birdsteå Technology) and Technical Consultant at Computerlinks.

Kalle Salminen holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and a Master of Engineering degree from Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Kalle holds many certifications, among others; CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional and CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker.

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