White Paper:

Two Approaches to Smart
Factory Security:
Perspectives from IT and OT

When it comes to the cybersecurity of factories, technical problems aren’t the only issues you’ll run into. Organizational and environmental constraints pose many challenges. This white paper explains the cybersecurity risks and countermeasures that should be considered, from the perspective of both IT and OT. It is generally said that cooperation between IT and OT teams is crucial, but is often difficult.

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Topics to look forward to in the white paper:

  1. Keep Operations Running
  2. The Realities of Organizations and System Environments
  3. Case 1: The Enterprise IT/Factory IT Viewpoint
    • Cybersecurity risks for multiple factories and singular factory sites
    • Protection for multiple factories and singular factory sites
  1. Case 2: The Manufacturer Viewpoint
    • Cybersecurity risks for operations and field networks
    • Protection of operations and field networks
  1. Next Steps

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