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Curated workshops and training modules created by the teams at AWS and Trend Micro

Visibility into
open-source code

Learn how to leverage Trend Micro Cloud One™ - Open Source Security by Snyk with your code repositories and CI/CD pipelines to scan projects, empowering security teams with better visibility, tracking, and early awareness into open source issues.

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Building modern applications with security embedded for DevSecOps

Learn how to leverage Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Application Security with your serverless applications running on AWS Lambda or containerized applications running on AWS Fargate.

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Simplifying Network Security in the Cloud with Trend Micro Cloud One

Learn how to leverage Trend Micro Cloud One™ - Network Security to provide a powerful network security layer which can be deployed seamlessly into your existing AWS architecture.

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Securing AWS infrastructure with Trend Micro Cloud One™

Learn how to leverage infrastructure as code (IaC) to automate your cloud security efforts, making cloud security more efficient, automated, proactive, and accessible to developers, cloud architects, and DevOps engineers.

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Amazon S3 bucket malware scanning
with Trend Micro

Learn how to automate malware-scanning of your Amazon S3 buckets and custom workflows.

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"AWS and Trend Micro Security Immersion Days were well organized and provided insightful technical details about how tools actually function versus just the end result of alerts in the console. These events are a great opportunity to deploy and test cloud security tools with AWS environment in a controlled space."

— Josh Taylor, Senior Security Engineer, Global Fortune 100 Company

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