Targeted Attack: The Game

With Targeted Attack: The Game, you are the CIO of a global organisation called Fugle who are on the verge of releasing a biometrically authenticated mobile payment app. However, the company comes under attack and now your choices will determine the outcome.

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Understanding Targeted Attacks


Watch the video and find out how to make sure that your security systems detect, analyse, and respond to targeted attacks and advanced threats before they unleash lasting damage.

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Trend Micro Deep Discovery

NSS Labs has rated Deep Discovery as the most effective recommended breach detection solution two years in a row. Read the report to see the three reasons why Deep Discovery should be on your product short list.

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Trouble at your door

62% of your peers have been the target of an attack in the past 12 months and 30% of UK companies are not sure according to new research from Quocirca. Worryingly, the research reveals that many of those who know they have been targeted don’t know what data was stolen or how much.

The research findings have a clear message: your organisation will almost certainly be the victim of a targeted cyber-attack at some point. It goes on to show that putting in place certain ‘before, during and after’ measures can minimise the impact.