Game Overview

In Data Center Attack: The Game, put yourself in the shoes of a CISO at a hospital to see if you can go back in time to prevent a data center attack from holding critical patient data hostage.

You’ll be prompted to make decisions that will impact your security posture. Wrong choices could result in ransomware hijacking your patient data and putting lives at risk. Right choices will show you what happens with DevOps and IT work together, will allow doctors to see patient data, and the hospital will run as expected.

See if you have the knowledge it takes to stop a data center attack, and if not, learn what defenses you need to prevent one.

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Producer/ DIR - Black Rabbit/ Wojciech Jeżowski
DOP - Paweł Kucharczyk
Production managers - Katarzyna Wajszczuk/ Jagoda Stryjczak
Gaffer - Darek Wadas/ Filmillumination
Sound - Paweł Uszyński / Foliaspundstudio
Key Grip – Daniel Michalak/ Grip7
Makeup - Gosia Jurkiewicz
Costume designer - Ania Fechner
Set designer - Kamila Pściuk - Glazer
Application/ Site - Can Explode - Grzegorz Machniewski

CISO - David Wurawa
CIO - Ray Martin
OPS - Martin Budny
NURSE - Joyce Veheary

Produced by