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The Art of Cybersecurity

The Art of Cybersecurity

We are very excited to officially launch our new marketing campaign, The Art of Cybersecurity. This campaign allows us to illustrate how it takes our company with our proven foresight, a cross-generational technology strategy (XGen™), and passionate people to really make cybersecurity an art. As ‘the artists’, we leverage this unique combination to do battle against the cyber criminals and give our customers the freedom to go further and do more.

Live Webinar | 26 March

Live Webinar | 26 March

High-impact vulnerabilities are striking with more frequency, making vulnerability management a critical security control that organisations of all sizes must address. While vendors eventually patch them, the delay between their release and deployment creates a window of exposure that can make enterprises susceptible to targeted attacks and other threats.

Join this webinar for actionable tips on how Trend Micro’s virtual patching capabilities and Zero Day Initiative Program can help provide immediate protection against vulnerabilities and exploits without the costs and downtime. Register now

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

EDR Technical Roadshow

Adelaide 19 Mar
Auckland 20 Mar
Perth 20 Mar
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JuiceIT 2019

Brisbane 20 Mar

AWS Summit

Sydney 30-2 May

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In the Media

Trend Micro Cloud App Security Report 2018
Trend Micro Cloud App Security Report 2018

To provide organisations a comprehensive view of the email threat landscape, we look at notable occurrences of advanced email threats used by cybercriminals as well as advanced security techniques that can effectively defend against them. Read Trend Micro’s Cloud App Security Report to learn why organisations should deploy a multilayered defence to address the risks that email threats pose.
2018 Annual Security Roundup
2018 Annual Security Roundup

Trend Micro Research has published our annual 2018 security roundup report covering many of last year’s biggest security events as well as sharing the threat data and threat trends we observed in 2018.
Video: EDR Defined: Myth vs. Reality
Video: EDR Defined - Myth vs. Reality

What is EDR? Why is it important? How should it be used with traditional and next generation endpoint protection? Find the answers in this 4-minute explainer.

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