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How to Address Emerging Cyberattacks in Modern Electric Systems

Explore security risks associated with the electric utility industry and gain up-to-date insight into how to stay protected

New digital technologies, advanced automation, and the rise of distributed generation (especially renewable energy) are transforming the business environment of the electric utility industry. As a result, the boundaries between OT and IT are blurring, and at the same time, threats that have gone unnoticed until now are beginning to emerge.

Watch our on-demand recording for an insider’s look into:

Security risks and consequences hiding within modern electric systems
Red-Circle-Check.png The latest updates and insights surrounding the cyber threat landscape
Red-Circle-Check.png How you can implement a real-world security approach to mitigate these new threats

Presented by William J. Malik

Vice President, Infrastructure Strategies, Trend Micro

Bill helps clients achieve an effective information security posture spanning endpoints, networks, servers, cloud, and the IoT. This process involves technology, policy, organizational design, and procedures and influences the product lifecycle from acquisition or development through deployment, operations, maintenance, and replacement, or retirement.

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